Privacy Policy

Please go through the below enumerated privacy policy rules laid down with regard to the terms of use of financial and other information, the code which you are required to adhere to while using our application, extent and degree of care to be taken by you, situation and circumstances where in the liability arises etc.

It is here by brought to your notice that by mere usage of this application as a member you are accepting the proposal from us which shall bind you make it obligatory on your part to adhere to and follow the terms of use and rules of privacy listed here after. By becoming the user you impliedly agree to observe the rules of privacy contained and the same shall be deemed to be in your constructive notice.

Any violation of the privacy rules on you part or any act or abstinence resulting in disregard of these rules shall entitle us to repidiate the relationship, claim damages which shall be exclusive of any action which may include civil and criminal actions though not limited to these.

The terms and conditions in these rules shall be interpreted according to their natural meaning unless a different is provided for the purpose of these rules the terms:"we" "us" stand for the admin and owner of this application and any person acting on their behalf.The terms "you" "your" shall include in case of rules relating to unauthorised access, attempt to hack or violaiton of intellectual property rights, and offences, mean any person whether being a user or seller or not, whether uses the application or not.

Rules Of Privacy:
Mere acceptance to use the application legally binds any person whether natural or legal person to this rules.
It is our discretion to change/alter/modify/ add/ delete or amend these rules without prior intimation.
During the course of communication with us or any seller offering products on our application you are required to observe the following rules:
Use decent language.
Posting or causing the uploading of any information which contains obsence content is strictly prohibited
Use of language which is in itself abusive, threatening or causing injury to reputation of any person is not allowed.
Refrain yourself from any attempt to gain unauthorized access to information available of this application whether technical, personnel or financial.In case any unauthorized to information available of this application whether technical, personnel or fanancial. In case any unauthorized access gained or attempts you shall be liable to compensate besides being tried under various provisions particularly those mentioned in information technology act 2000.
All the information including images, logos, adds, design, pattern, appearance etc. forms part of the intellectual property as the same has been developed after spending considerable effortd and money therefore any use of this information detrimental to us shall make you liable for infringement of intellectual property rights and appropriate action in the infringement or passing off can be initiated.
Ensure that the information published or caused to be published by you in not in contravention or violation of any law whether of particular state or throughout India for the time being in force.
It is particularly of paramount importance to observe various provisions of information technology act,2000 adn other laws, related to financial transactions and transfer of money and rules and regulations made there under.
It is mandatory generally on the part of users and particulatrly for sellers to ensure that all the information displayed or uploaded in this application from your end is correct and there is no misrepresentation of facts or any attempts to engage in any dishonest and fraudulent act.
Any exaggeration or misrepresentation of facts about products their potential use or description is not allowed on part of sellers.
There shall be not liability on us by reason of any fraud or misrepresentation or unture information by sellers.
We reserve the right to formulate from time to time rules regarding exchange, return,and charges for same and right to amend these rules any time.
We categorically state that the content posted including images, description of various products, warranties given by sellers are not in any manner controlled by us therefore in case of any flaws the liability shall brone by seller only.
During the course of our dealing with you we may gain access to personnel financial and other information which may or may not be sensitive and we reserve the right to share this information with our personnel financial entities like business patners etc.
Information entered in the application by you shall without any prior notice be used by or for the following pruposes:
In any court or tribunal as evidence.
With law enforcement agencies.
With out authorities.
With other government agencies or authorities especially under information technology act, 2000.
However we shall not in any case deal for commercial benefits use the information about you.
We shall when providing information from our end, ensure the correctness of the same.
We commit ourselves to follow and observe highest codes of ethics in dealing with you.
We don't encourage or support in any manner use of trade practices which are prohibited and unfair and the same is expected fom sellers and users.
Any authorized use of our name in any manner not approved by us and detrimental to our interest shall not be allowed by any person and stringent action shall be taken in that case.
With regard to information posted by any seller or user there shall not be any liability upon us and it shall not mean that we agree with or subscribe to the same.

DISCLAIMER:These privacy rules are applicable to both users abd sellers unless otherwise specifically mentioned there in.