Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions set out below carefully before agreeing to because user of this application. By agreeing to become user of this application you are deemed to have the terms and conditions and took notice of the same.
PRELIMINARY: We "WHOLSTER" are only service provider engaged in the business of providing fashion related produts to its users and it brings on one platform various potential buyers and sellers to deal in the products.
Interpretation of various terms used herein after:
SERVICE OR SERVICES: Shall I mean the act of dealing in fashion products and related services like payment refund etc.
WE OR US OUR : Shall to be construed to mean "WHOLSTER"
SELLER: Mean a one whose products are displayed on this application for purchase by users.
GOODS OR PRODUCTS: Shall means fashion items displayed on the application which can be ordered by this application which shall again be subject to availability.
USER: Means any person who by entering reqired particulars registers with us and becomes a user of this application whether or not orders goods using this application and to whom we undertake to deliver goods but does not include potential buyers or the one who has cancelled the order.
ORDERS: Users can place orders with us for which users have to follow the procedure provided in the application for ordering products. Order shall be confirmed once its availability is ensured and payment is made. We shall reserve the right to cancel the order without intimation to the customer owing to any reason beyond our control.
VARIANCE: Actual product may not be similar to image that is shown in the application.
PRICES: Products shall have the price displayed in the application however these are subject to confirmation and availability and price may change in certain extraneous circumstances. price shall also include any local or commercial or service or any other taxes that may change in certain extraneous or local authorities.
PAYMENT: Payment is to be made through payment gateway provided wherein user is required to entered information specified therein and order shall be confirmed once payment is successfully made.
DURATION: Best endeavor shall be made by us to deliver the goods ordered within the promised time or otherwise in reasonable time. the maximum time specified here is to be extended in case unavoidable circumstances, bandhs or any other incident hindering the delivery for that matter.
TERRITORY: We provide services only within the territorial jurisdiction of union of India and don't offer beyond India.
INFORMATION : user impliedly agrees that all the information regarding address, names etc. shall be correct and accurate.
LIABILITY: Due care has been taken to ensure that all the information contained in this application is correct; despite all efforts in case of any error we shall not be liable. we don't give any warranty regarding virus or any other similar programs that may occur due to usage of this application.Extreme measures has been taken to ensure that all the information regarding goods is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge and to prevent any fraud, however we shall not be held liable for any such concealment on the part of seller or fraud.This being a net based mobile application may sometime mal function or cause some technical problem , we shall try to remove such defects at our earliset convenience , and shall not be liable to pay damages in case of such defect in running of the application
RELATION SHIP: It is here by unequivocally stated that we are neither agents nor partners with any of the seller.
WARRANTY: We don't give any warranty or gurantee as to equality, or quantity or potency or standards of goods supplied. It shall be the duty of user to make sure that the goods are up to their standards before placing an order. we are not in nayway responsible for any defect or shortcoming in the goods or towards the registration or license of the seller.
EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY IN CERTAIN CASES: Any loss or damage or inquiry caused suffered by user by reason of usage of the products shall not confer right on user to initiate any civil or other action against.
COMPLAINTS: Any complaints or grievances shall be communicated through mail id provided or phone number given, best endeavour will be made to redress the same as soon as possible.
APPLICABLE LAWS: Laws relating to information technology i.e. information act, 2000 and other laws relating to transfer of money shall be applicable
JURISDICTION: Any dispute arising as a result of usuage of this applicaton and ordering of goods shall be subjected to jurisdiction of courts in Hyderabad.
EXEMPTION: User hereby agree that in case of any deficiency or shortcoming or fraud or any other damage caused to user due to use of goods, action is to be taken against the concerned seller and we shall not be liable and no action of whatever nature is to be initiated or instituted against us.
OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Besides the terms and conditions contained here in orders shall be subjected to terms and conditions of the various banks and financial institution whose card is used by the user to make payment. we shall not be liable to compensate if payment is delayed or wrongly deducted on part of the bank and financial institution.
Waiver: User cannot waive either by any act or abstinence any of these terms and conditions and privacy policy.
DISCLAIMER: We can change the terms and conditions listed above without any prior notice and we reserve the right to amend them.